DeWayne Spaw is NOT your typical working musician; in fact you might say he is not afraid to go "against the grain” so to speak. "There are thousands of great bands and singers, but not all understand the importance of also being an ENTERTAINER." says DeWayne. He is certainly an entertainer who must be seen and heard! DeWayne brings his energetic show to every venue that he plays and there is no question when talking with his fans that DeWayne is certainly an ENTERTAINER!

DeWayne’s live performance approach sometimes comes with some controversy, but despite that, he has managed to be very successful at what he does by putting his heart and soul into every performance. He explains, "In the past I played with a number of musicians and I loved playing in a live band, however, there were many musicians who were not as serious or as passionate about performing as I was, so keeping people in the band who were willing to work hard and play full time was a serious problem. After replacing a number of band members, I decided to start performing using accompaniment music tracks, while still playing guitar and singing live." Because of that decision, he has received his share of negativity from some musicians throughout the years, but that does not sway him. Instead he continues to perform in front of large grandstand audiences as an opening act for fair and festival events such as demolition derby, truck and tractor pull, monster truck, rodeo and bull riding events. "Fairs and Festivals have always been my mainstay, so I designed my show around that kind of environment using a truck and trailer rig which allows me to be very mobile. I can drive into any grandstand and play an opening concert for the main event, and then pull out when my performance is finished," says DeWayne. "The trailer contains everything including all sound equipment and an on board power supply so when I am finished, I simply drive out and the event can start as scheduled without delay." It's certainly safe to say, 20 years of playing as a full time performer proves that he must be doing something right!

He lived in Nashville, TN for 30+ years, but recently moved to Michigan to be more centralized to the venues where he performs, and DeWayne is now very content with his music career and working outside of the “norm”. He runs his own record label, 1st Go-Round Label Group, and books his own performances playing 40-60 concerts each summer and spends the winter months writing and recording new music and planning the next year’s tour. "I have never been the kind who wants others to do everything for me; instead I prefer a much more hands on approach. Most booking agents and managers do not understand the concept of how I perform and are not very open to looking beyond the 'normal' stage type performance, so that opens the door for me to play in a completely different type of venue with less competition. Not to say I don't play stage shows as well, the idea of being an entertainer and not just a singer applies no matter what the venue." says DeWayne. His career path has given him the opportunity to share the stage with some of today’s hottest country artists including Keith Urban in Rockford, IL, Jason Aldean and Blake Shelton in Marion, MI, Terri Clark and Diamond Rio in Comstock, NE, and Confederate Railroad, The Kentucky Headhunters, Little Texas and Jason Michael Carroll in Barbourville, KY just to name a few over the past few years alone.

With the experience of 20+ years performing, these days DeWayne has three main goals that he strives to meet, 1) to enjoy making a living performing for his fans, 2) to record only GREAT songs, and 3) to be more than just a singer or performer, to be an ENTERTAINER. He is willing to work hard and spend the time it takes to reach his goals while giving thanks to God and his fans for making that possible.